Raised in Buffalo, New York, and garnering degrees from Yale University and San Francisco Art Institute, I bring my experience as a competitive synchronized swimmer, professional knitter, and co-founder of the Art Monastery Project to inform my work. Investigating the relationships among contemplative practice, studio practice, and other kinds of practice (such as swim practice), my work explores breath, repetition, and pattern. My visual work; which takes the form of meditative “breath paintings,” large-scale pattern-based drawings, and abstract mandala videos; has been exhibited from San Francisco and New York to Amsterdam and Rome.

In 2007, I co-founded the Art Monastery Project, an international non-profit arts organization dedicated to applying the collaborative and intentional “social sculpture” of monastic life to art-making and creativity. Through the Art Monastery, I have organized a variety of immersive experiences, ranging from daylong to monthlong immersions in silence, meditation practice, and experiences aimed at cultivating connection with one’s authentic voice.

In July 2013, I published a book, Hosting Transformation: Stories from the Edge of Changemaking, which I co-authored, co-edited, designed and illustrated. In March 2017, I published a workbook, Live Your Dream: Start Here. Start Now, which I authored, edited, designed and illustrated.

My writing and visual art have been featured in publications such as Buffalo Magazine, Readymade, Lucky, Bust, MacWorld, San Francisco Chronicle, Houston Gazette, Knitty, as well as repeated television appearances.

I am a founding Core Team Member of the International Partnership for Transformative Learning.

I lived in various locations throughout Italy from 2008 to 2013, with a group of artists transforming historic monasteries into arts production centers as part of the Art Monastery. I currently split my time between Green Gulch Farm / Green Dragon Zen Temple (near San Francisco, CA) and Art Monastery Vermont in Springfield, VT.



2009 – San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California

Painting & Video, MFA

1998 – Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

Painting & Animation, distinction in the major, BA

Recent Presentations

July 2018 ~ Solo show: San Francisco Zen Center, CA


June 2017 ~ Emerge, Springfield, VT

March 2016 ~ Emerge, Boulder, CO

February 2016 ~ Artmonk Immersion, Lyons, CO

        November 2015 ~ PRIME Festival, New York City

October 2015 ~ Be Leave, London, UK

September 2015 ~ Terce, Caramanico d’Abruzzo, Italy

July 2015 ~ Festival Internazionale d’Teatro, Pescara, Italy

December 2014 ~ ANDC: Mandala, San Francisco, CA

July 2013 ~ Nowhere Festival, Zaragoza, Spain

June 2013 ~ Changemaker Festival, Järna, Sweden

May 2013 ~ Solo show: Pietre e Mare, Acaya, Italy

Recent Events

Social Sculpture Experiences 

October 2017 ~ Wimmin ~ Springfield, VT

September 2017 ~ Artmonk Retreat, Springfield, VT

July 2017 ~ Laboratory, Springfield, VT

June 2017 ~ Artmonk Retreat, Springfield, VT

March 2017 ~ Eco-Social, Warsaw, Poland

March 2017 ~ Multiply, ArtE, Cittá di Castello, Italy

February 2017 ~ Mirror, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

September 2016 ~ Mirror, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK

September 2016 ~ Galletto Festival, Montegabbione, Italy

August 2016 ~ Artmonk Retreat, Springfield, VT

August 2016 ~ Hosting Transformation Days, Berlin

August 2016 ~ Changemaker Festival, Berlin

July 2016 ~ Mirror, Art Monastery, Springfield, VT

April 2016 ~ Artmonk Retreat, Lyons, CO

April 2016 ~ Artmonk Experience, Boulder, CO

March 2016 ~ Artmonk Experience, Boulder, CO

        September 2015 ~ Transformation Hosting, Calabria, Italy

August 2015 ~ Artmonk Immersion, Caramanico d’Abruzzo, Italy

February 2014 ~ Artmonk Experience, Sunday Series, Sofia University, Palo Alto, CA

July 2013 ~ Changemaker Festival, YIP, Järna, Sweden

May 2013 ~ Artmonk Encounter, LaMaMa, New York City, NY

May 2013 ~ Incontro con gli Artmonks, Masseria Erchi Piccolo, Lecce, Italy

February 2013 ~ Artmonk Experience, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA

February 2013 ~ Artmonk Retreat, Briarcombe, Bolinas, CA

December 2012 ~ Artmonk Experience, LaMaMa, New York City, NY

July 2012 ~ Shedding the Snake Skin, Labro, Italy

June 2012 ~ Drawing from the Heart, Labro, Italy

June 2012 ~ Changemaker Gathering, Embercombe, Devon, UK

May 2012 ~ Artmonk Experience, Colle di Costa, Labro, Italy

May 2012 ~ Artmonk Experience, Teatro Comunale, Rieti, Italy

January 2012 ~ Artmonk Retreat, Briarcombe, Bolinas, CA



Editor, Author & Illustrator of Live Your Dream: Start Here. Start Now.

Co-Editor, Co-Author, Art Director, & Illustrator of Hosting Transformation: Stories from the Edge of Changemaking.

Published in Readymade Magazine, MacWorld Magazine, Knitty, and

Work featured in Lucky Magazine, Bust Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Bay Area Reporter, Advocate, and Houston Gazette


Co-Founder, Art Monastery Project

Co-Founder, Core Team, International Partnership for Transformative Learning

Co-Founder, Choreographer, San Francisco Tsunami Synchronized Swimming Team


2016-2018 Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership “Hosting Eco-Social Innovation” €46,000

2011-2013 Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnership “Hosting Transformation” €28,000