Video, 19 minutes.

Video - Betsy McCall
Music - Charles Darius
Text - Liz Maxwell

As part of the spring 2013 Art Monastic Laboratory, three Artmonks hosted a series of interviews with the people of Acaya, an extremely small town in southern Italy. The interviews revolved around questions of personal and cultural transformation, stories from the past, and hopes for the future. From the overarching themes, day-to-day feelings, and actual footage gleaned from those interviews and the region of Puglia, the Artmonks responded with the following 20-minute video piece.

"Acaya: Pietre e Mare" is both a reflection and an offering, a contemplative study and a way of giving back. By nature, the piece is made by outsiders - a sort of "reverse colonialism," in a sense, as three young Americans set out to intentionally investigate the Old World. In the end, their subjective take on a village is intended to be honest and celebratory.

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